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Essence was born from the pursuit to produce the ultimate "all rounder? wax, a wax that provides crisp bright reflections on Silvers and Whites as well as it adds warmth and depth to dark metallics and solid paint finishes, a product that can be applied with ease and removed effortlessly. As professional detailers we understand that an LSP needs not only to provide stunning results and long lasting protection but it needs to be a pleasure to use, no one wants a product that causes you to apply more pressure than necessary to the surface, especially if you have just spent hours if not days polishing the paint, Essences oily nature means it spreads like butter, with a long cure time that allows you to apply to the whole vehicle before removal in hot climates as in colder ones too.

All Auto Finesse waxes are carefully blended by hand in Great Britain from the finest quality natural ingredients available, and bring with them the same philosophy of performance and beauty as the rest of our detailing products. The waxes we use treat your vehicle with nature?s own defense against the elements, giving it water repellency, and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.)?

Auto Finesse Essence contains 40% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up by synthetic polymers, and gloss-intensifying oils.

Essence will provide 3 months of durability between coats. With a beautiful blueberry scent, and effortless application, few want to wait that long.

Strong water beading and sheeting performance has always been important to us at Auto Finesse, and even with a wax dedicated to its ease of use its not shy of amazing water beading and sheeting properties.
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